The North Pole is looking for elves to join Santa Paws' team!

You’re invited on a journey through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, then through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, to the North Pole where you can join Santa Paws’ team of elves!

What will be my job on the team?
Your job is simple… spread pawliday cheer to all the pawrents far and near, in hopes that it will help pets who don’t have a home this year!

How do I spread pawliday cheer?
Once you join the team, you will receive an email with a magical link to the North Pole.
You can then share your link, along with photos from the North Pole, with your circle of pet parents through email, text & social media. Every time your link is clicked, a report goes back to Santa, letting him know that you are working hard to spread the news that he is flying to the SPCA this pawliday!

What happens when I spread pawliday cheer?
Every time a pet gets put on Santa Paws’ list through your link, you will get credit for spreading pawliday cheer. If you spread enough cheer, you will get put on Santa’s extra nice list!

What happens if I get on the extra nice list?
When you get on the extra nice list, you will receive a free gift from Santa Paws to give to the furbabies in your life. For every $100 of pawliday treats that are purchased through your link, you will receive:

$100 = Merry Fishmas Dinner & Reindeer Poop
$200= Same as $100 PLUS Kitty Coal Catnip Toy & Pawliday Bones.
$300 or more = Same as $200 PLUS Pawliday Cookies, Kitty Wine & an Ugly Sweater!

What’s the best part of being on Santa Paws’ team?
Santa Paws wants to help animals who don’t have a home at Christmas, so a portion of the proceeds of each sale will go to the SPCA and help animals in need in your local community!

We have a business, can we still join Santa Paws’ team?
Yes, of course! Your clients would love to know how they can get their pets on Santa’s list! If you join Santa Paws’ team and spread at least $100 of pawliday cheer, his elves will drop off a jar of Reindeer Poop treats for you to share with your furry clients as they visit you over the pawliday season! (HRM only)