The Littlest Pet Bakery


We love attending events and interacting with the local community! We also love helping out local rescues, as we have seen how tirelessly they work to raise funds for their furry friends in need.

Over the past two years, we have experimented with many different ways to support animal rescues. For everything they had done to support our business, we feel that we haven’t been able to show enough appreciation… until now!

As our bakery has grown, we find that more of our time is needed in the kitchen baking up delicious desserts. This leaves us with less time to make public appearances with our bakery stand and attend fundraisers.

As a token of our love for the local community, we’d like to offer our sponsorship through donating our desserts to rescue events with ALL of the proceeds going directly into the hands of the rescue!

If you are an animal rescue or organization that is holding a fundraiser for a rescue in Nova Scotia, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help contribute to your fundraising goals.

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