About Our Cookies

Our mission is to make our treats guilt -free and free from everything else!

Unlike other pawliday treats that you may find in retail stores, our delicious desserts do not contain preservatives or dyes or ingredients that are harmful to dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.

We have carefully crafted our recipes to exclude ingredients not dogs… because nothing is more sad than a pup left out at a pawty 🙁

Giving a unique treat only on special occasions is a delightful surprise to their taste buds and they LOVE it!

Over the years, we have taste tested our treats with thousands of dogs. The word on the street is that they give them four paws up and a tail!

Most definitely! We would eat them ourselves but we find them a little bland without any sugar 🙂
All of our treats are made with organic ingredients and baked fresh in a commercial kitchen.  

You can find more information about our ingredients here. Each pack of cookies also comes with a label that includes a list of ingredients.

Some of our cookies have a white frosting that is made from honey & gelatin!

Even though our bone cookies are 4-inches long, your little dog can easily bite through them, especially if you help them out by breaking them up.

Each pack of bone cookies comes with 4 bone shaped cookies in four furtastic flavours. Each bone is 4 x 2 x 0.25 inches.
Extra cookies add on packs have 5 smaller cookies in 5 flavours.

Our treats are proudly made in Halifax, Nova Scotia in a commercial kitchen.

Joining the Club

We chose the five pawlidays that pawrents love to share with their pups the most! Your pup will receive a pack of cookies for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween and of course Christmas!

We accept payment from all major credit card companies and PayPal.

When joining the Cookie Club, you’ll have a few options:

One Year Membership
Your payment will go through right away in one lump payment and will be renewed in one year or you can cancel anytime.  

Three Month Membership
Your payment will go through right away in one lump payment and your membership will be renewed one month before the 4th pawliday or you can cancel anytime.

Next Pawliday Membership
Your first payment will go through right away and your membership will be renewed one month before the pawliday after that or you can cancel anytime.

Gotcha Day Club & Birthday Club
Join your pup’s Pawty Club month and you won’t be charged anything until 2 weeks before the 1st of their special month. Your membership will then renew on that date every year and you can cancel any time.

Canada Day 2020 ~ Payments processed on June 1
Halloween 2019 ~ Payments processed on October 1st
Christmas 2019 ~ Payments processed on November 24th
Valentines Day 2020 ~ Payments processed on January 14th
Easter 2020 ~ Payments processed on March 12

During checkout, let us know which SPCA location is closest to you. Two weeks before the upcoming pawliday, you will receive an email notifying you that your cookies are ready for pick up at your local SPCA. You will have one month to pop in and grab them before they are considered abandoned and given to the pups at a the SPCA who are waiting for their furever homes.

All new members who join the Cookie Club within one month of a pawliday will receive their first package of cookies for the pawliday after that. 
Waiting for a specific pawilday to join? Add your pup to the VIPup mailing list at the bottom of this page and we’ll make sure you receive an email reminding you to join the club!

Absolutely – cookies these cute make fun and unique gifts that give all year round!

Just enter the gift recipient’s name and their closest SPCA location at checkout.

SPCA Pawtnership

For every membership, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to SPCA Nova Scotia to help animals in need. This not only gives the SPCA a predictable source of income but also one that gives to them all year round! Read more about our pawtnership here!


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